Repurposing or remixing existing artistic works to create, in whole or in part, a new work.
Example Citations:
As a proponent of combinatorial creativity and remix as a tool of innovation, I am always fascinated by how famous creators think about inspiration, influence, and the origin of ideas, recognizing their combinatorial nature — and how bystander critics often dismiss these creative transmutations with terms as derisive as "recreativity."
—Maria Popova, " Transformation as Authorship: From Igor Stravinsky to Philip Glass by Way of Disney and Beck:," Brain Pickings, October 10, 2012
[A]n emerging movement of critics, theorists, writers, and artists argue that techniques of appropriation and quotation are inherent to the creative process. Not only are the concepts of originality and innovation obsolete, they've always been myths. Let's call this movement recreativity.
The most high-profile proponents of recreativity are Jonathan Lethem and David Shields. Both published manifestos—"The Ecstasy of Influence: A Plagiarism" and Reality Hunger: A Manifesto, respectively—that put into practice what they preach by being assembled almost entirely out of quotations.
Earliest Citation:
And here's a really interesting (and funtertaining) speech I found on BoingBoing the other night by Larry Lessig on how our culture's creativity (and recreativity) is being shackled by current copyright laws and how the internet shall set us free!
—Michael Lambe, " Miscellaneous:," Michael Lambe's Scrapbook, November 9, 2007
As hinted in the earliest citation, this form of the word recreativity was probably coined by the lawyer Larry Lessig in a March 2007 TED talk:, where at approximately 11:57 the word (re)creativity appears on his presentation screen.
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